(updated 2020 29 July)

Nick B. Williams Professor of Literature
Department of English

The University of the South
Sewanee, TN 37383 USA / 615-491-1329

Ph.D. in English, University of California at Berkeley, CA, 1983-87
-- dissertation research fellow, Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, London, 1982-83
M.A. in English, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1980-82
B.A. in Education and English (cum laude), Trinity College, Hartford, CT, 1975-80

DISSERTATION [DAI, 48 (1988), 2193-A]:
"Emblems and Sententiae in Renaissance Prose: Mystical and Literary Design in Burton and Browne"

The Memory Arts in Renaissance England: A Critical Anthology, eds. William E. Engel, Rory Loughnane, and Grant Williams (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016) [hardback, paperback, and e-book]
Notices and Reviews:
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Early Modern Poetics in Melville & Poe: Memory, Melancholy, and the Emblematic Tradition 
(Ashgate, 2012; Routledge, 2016 [paperback]) --A YBP LITERARY ESSENTIALS TITLE FOR 2013
Notices and Reviews:  Emblem Studies Newsletter 51 (Summer 2012), 25; Assessing New Books on Literature 19 (2012); Trinity Reporter (Fall 2012), 32; Poe Studies 46 (2013): 124-30
; Modern Language Review 109.2 (2014): 501-502; Leviathan 17.1 (March 2015), 92-97; click here for online viewing of this book

Chiastic Designs in English Literature from Sidney to Shakespeare (Ashgate, 2009; Routledge, 2016 [paperback])
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Death and Drama in Renaissance England: Shades of Memory (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002; rpt. 2005). 
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Education & Anarchy (Lanham, New York, and Oxford: University Press of America, 2001).
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Mapping Mortality: The Persistence of Memory and Melancholy in Early Modern England (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1995).
Notices and Reviews: Sixteenth Century Journal 27.2 (Summer 1996), 663; Emblem Studies Newsletter, No. 19 (July 1996), 2; Trinity Reporter (July 1996), 36; Choice 33, No. 11/12 (July/August 1996); Sidney Newsletter and Journal 14.1 (Summer 1996), 82-87; Bibliotheque d'Humanisme et Renaissance 58.3 (1996), 701-702; Sewanee Review 105.1 (Winter 1997), xx-xxii; Studies in English Literature 37 (1997), 218; Epilogue 11.2 (1996), 52-53; Libraries and Culture (Summer 1997), 382-83; Seventeenth-Century News 55 No. 3 & 4 (Fall-Winter, 1997), 60-61; Review of English Studies, New Series 48, No.192 (1997), 534-35; Renaissance Quarterly 50.4 (Winter 1997), 1223-24; noted in Bibliotheque d'Humanisme et Renaissance 60 (1998), 166; Bulletin of the History of Medicine 72.3 (1998), 543-45; Litterarum Kritikon 27 (2000), 137-42;
click here for online viewing of this book


The Printer as Author in the Early Modern English Book Trade: John Day and the Fabrication of a Protestant Memory Art (contract signed with Routledge; expected delivery date, August 2021)

The Death Arts in Renaissance England: A Critical Anthology (contract signed with Cambridge), with Rory Loughnane and Grant Williams

Memory and Mortality in Renaissance England (contract signed with Cambridge) edited collection of essays with Rory Loughnane and Grant Williams

The Shakespearan Death Arts: Hamlet Among the Tombs (contract signed with PalgraveMacmillan) edited collection of essays with Grant Williams in Palgrave Shakespeare Studies

Slips of Thought from Chaucer to Milton: imagining the stuff of allegory" (in manuscript)

"Nineteenth Century Writers Reading Renaissance Texts: Poe, Melville, and Marx (nearly completed)
"Chaucer Chiastically Conceived: A Reader's Guide" (nearly completed)
"'Tears Such as Angels Weep': Angelic Intelligence from Milton to Poe" (nearly completed)
"Grace Resplendent: A Philological Study of 'Grace' in the English Literary Tradition" (draft stage)
"What the Pastoral Remembers: case studies from Theocritus to Walton" (pre-draft stage)

"The Tug of Memory, 'I know you of old'" in Memory and Affect in Shakespeare's England, ed. Jonathan Baldo and Isabelle Karremann (project under editorial review)

“Intertheatrical Cues and Shakespearean backstories,” ed. Gilles Bertheau, Actes des congres de la Société Française Shakespeare 38 (2020); completed, with editor

“Animal Analogues and the Character of American Wildlife in “’The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,’” in Animals in the Classics: How Natural History Inspired Great American Fiction, ed. John Gruesser (College Station: Texas A & M University Press, forthcoming 2020), completed, with editor

"Knowledge: Science and Education," in A Cultural History of Memory in the Early Modern Age, eds.  Alessandro Arcangeli and Marek Tamm (London: Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2020)

“’Bartleby’: authority, anxiety, and authorship in 19th century American Literature,” ed. Andrew J. Power, The Birth and Death of the Author: A multi-authored history of authorship (Routledge, July 2020)

"Migrating Aspects of an Emblem: Occasio, Time, and Death from Alciato to Holbein," Recent Work in Emblem Studies (Renaissance), gen ed. Paulette Choné and Anne Rolet (co-édition des Presses universitaires François-Rabelais (Tours) et des Presses universitaires de Rennes, forthcoming 2020)

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"Fantastic Spaces, Angelic Places" in Poe and Place: Geocriticism and Spatial Literary Studies," ed. Philip Edward Phillips (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), 169-92. WINNER OF 2018 J. LASLEY DAMERON AWARD

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JOURNAL, Guest Editor:

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Reader, for books: Palgrave-Macmillan, HarperCollins, Duquesne UP, Vanderbilt UP, Lehigh UP, Edwin Mellen
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Short Term Visiting Scholar, The Huntington Library, Easter 2021
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Phi Beta Kappa (Trinity College, Hartford; Beta of Connecticut) 1980
President's Fellow, Department of Education, Trinity College, 1979 and 1980

(a) international

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The Chosen, Nashville Jewish Film Festival, Belcourt Theatre, Nashville, TN Nov 10, 2013

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Docent Training, Nashville Holocaust Memorial, Jewish Community Center, Fall 2007

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"Gates of Memory," Dean's Forum, Birmingham Southern College, AL, March 6, 1991
"Emblems in Daily Life," McGavock High School, TN, Winter, 1989

LOCAL INVITED PUBLIC LECTURES (mainly on topics in religious culture):
"The Wandering Jew, medieval legend and modern reality," WES, Feb 4, 2011
"Full lives, empty monuments: The Jews of Berlin," WES, Feb 19, 2010
"Life on the ground in Hadera, Israel," special program, WES, Winter 2009
"Elie Wiesel and the Holocaust," Hume-Fogg High School, Nashville, Apr 17, 2008
"Playing Shylock after the Holocaust," Belmont Univ, Troutt Theater, Nashville, Oct 18, 2007
"Shabbat Through the Ages," West End Synagogue, Jan 20, 2007
"The Truth Behind Jewish Stereotypes, West End Synagogue, Nov 17, 2006
"People of the Book," Library Dedication, Temple Emanuel, Birmingham, AL, Sept 8, 2006
"The Nature of Repentance," WES, Sept 5, 2006
"Jews of Krakow; Jews of Helsinki," WES, Oct 13, 2005
"Philip Roth's The Plot Against America," WES, Feb 5, 2005
"The Faces of Anti-Semitism, then and now," GJCC, two lectures, Nov 2004
"Compassion and Kabbalah," WES, Oct 6, 2003
"Phineas's Legacy," WES, July 17, 2003
"Recognizing The Jew: The Survival of Medieval Superstitions," GJCC, Spring 2003
"Fencing through the Ages," Boy Scouts Program, Spring 2003
"Hitler's Vienna," WES, Men's Club, November 2003
"Making Sense of Constantine's Sword," GJCC Book Fair, Spring 2002
"Eight Centuries of Anti-Semitism in Vienna," GJCC, Nashville, April 18, 2002
"Comfort after the Temple's Destruction?," WES, Summer 2002
"Music Under the Third Reich," GJCC Book Fair, Fall 2002
"Grant's Anti-Semitism: General Order #11," GJCC, March 2001
"Maimonides and the Ten Commandments," WES, Jan 30, 2000
Robert Burns of Immortal Memory," Middle Tennessee Scottish Society, Jan 27, 2000
"Pro-Slavery Jewish Soldiers During the Civil War?" WES, March 21, 1999
Annual Robert E. Lee Address, Order of Kappa Alpha, Vanderbilt, Feb 4, 1995

"Coffee with the Coach: Fencing," a Sewanee community forum, Dec 2, 2019
Flash Presentation on Recent Research, Social Lodge, Easter Term 2019
Welcome address, Sewanee Scholars Weekend, Guerry Auditorium, March 7, 2019

“Memory and History in Early Modern England,” Gailor Auditorium, April 18, 2018
Welcome address, Sewanee Scholars Weekend, Guerry Auditorium, March 6, 2018
“Martin Luther and Reformation Print Culture,” Convocation Hall, Nov 15, 2017
Placing the Displaced: The Wandering Jew," Conference on Place, April 8, 2017
Welcome address, Sewanee Scholars Weekend, Guerry Auditorium, March 5, 2017
"Research Report: Renaissance Memory," Dean's Forum, Center for Teaching, March 3, 2017
Guest Speaker, Class of '16 Senior Banquet, Cravens Hall, Sewanee, April 18, 2016
"Corporeal Imaginary & Renaissance Memory Machines," Body Conference, April 15, 2016

"Considering Spiritual Health," Panel sponsored by the Wellness Center, Oct 5, 2015
"Using the Caper Star," Teach & Tell, Center for Teaching, Oct 28, 2014

"'Going Deeper': Neil Shea & Literary Journalism," Sewanee Young Writers, July 7, 2014
"Genocide & Remembrance," Yom ha'Shoah Program, Convocation Hall, April 28, 2014
"The Covenant at Mt. Sinai," Catechumenate, All Saints' Chapel, Oct 2, 2013
"Saved by Water?," Growing in Grace, All Saints' Chapel, February 26, 2012
Porch Chat, dormitory open discussion, Humphrey's Hall, April 10, 2011
"Lewis as a Literary Critic," C. S. Lewis Symposium, Guerry Auditorium, March 26, 2011
"Classical mnemonics in the classroom," Sewanee Emeritus Assoc, Feb 9, 2011
panel on "Midterm Grades," Freshman Program, Bishops' Commons, Oct 26, 2010
Organized Milton's 400th birthday observance, All Saints' Chapel, Dec 9, 2008
"Background to Pilgrimage Festivals," Intro to Hebrew, Nov 19. 2008
"Media/Women/Violence," Pinnacle Luncheon, Nov 18, 2008
Introduced Michael J. B. Allen, Phi Beta Kappa Lecture, April 7, 2008
Class of '08 "Roast & Toast," Upper Cravens, Feb 28, 2008
Panel Speaker, Women's Studies Conference, Feb 11, 2008
Introduced Marjorie Garber, Haines Lecture, Nov 15, 2007
Remarks to the Class of 2008, Sewanee Inn, Sept 20, 2007

University Faculty Council, 2018-present
steering committee, Rhetoric Program, 2018-present
steering committee, Humanities Program, 2014-present
Vice Chancellor's Capital Campaign Cabinet, 2014-2019

coordinator, Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Lecturer, Univ of the South, 2017-18
co-chair of QEP task force, Speaking Across the Curriculum, Easter 2014-2016
task force, Reconsidering Academic Calendar, Easter 2014-Easter 2015

Ad Hoc Committee on Overseas Study & Financial Aid, Easter 2014
Faculty Advisor, Order of The Gown, 2012-present
search committee for Italian Department, 2012-13
Ad Hoc Committee on Overseas Study & Financial Aid, Advent 2011
Instructor & Coach, Sewanee Fencing, Advent 2011-present
Curriculum Review Committee, Sewanee, Advent 2011-Advent 2012
College Standards Committee, Sewanee, Advent 2010-present

Faculty Supervisor, Society Of Sewanee Scholars, 2010-2015
Sewanee Medieval Colloquium, Conference Committee, 2008-present
core committee, Rhodes and Marshall viability program, 2008-present
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University Lectures Committee, Sewanee, Advent 2008-2015
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COURSES at The University of the South, Sewanee:
PHED 106 & 306 Beginning and Advanced Fencing, Easter 2020
ENGL 349 Renaissance Women Writers [NEW COURSE], Easter 2020
HUMN 105 Early Modern Texts and Contexts [NEW COURSE]. Easter 2020
ENGL 101 Intro to Literature and Composition, Easter 2020
PHED 106 & 306 Beginning and Advanced Fencing, Easter 2019
MDST 400 Medieval Lives and Afterlives [NEW COURSE], Easter 2019
ENGL 353 Renaissance Drama, Easter 2019
ENGL 211 Studies in Fiction (19th cen American), Easter 2019
PHED 106 & 306 Beginning and Advanced Fencing, Advent 2018
ENGL 357 Shakespeare I, Advent 2018

ENGL 401 Literary Criticism, Advent 2018
PHED 106 & 306 Beginning and Advanced Fencing, Easter 2018
ENGL 351 Medieval English Literature, Easter 2018
ENGL 358 Shakespeare II, Easter 201
HUMN 105 Early Modern World [NEW COURSE], Easter 2018
PHED 106 & 306 Beginning and Advanced Fencing, Advent 2017
ENGL 203 Roots of Western Literature, Advent 2017
ENGL 401 Literary Criticism, Advent 2017
PHED 106 & 306: Beginning & Advanced Fencing, Easter 2016
ENGL 101: Intro to Literature & Composition, Easter 2016
ENGL 203: Roots of Western Literature, Easter 2016
ENGL 351: Medieval English Literature, Easter 2016
PHED 106 & 306: Beginning & Advanced Fencing, Advent 2015
HUMN 207: WWI & Early Modern Memory [NEW COURSE], Advent 2015
ENGL 101: Intro to Literature & Composition, Advent 2015
PHED 106 & 306: Beginning & Advanced Fencing, Easter 2015
ENGL 101-G: Intro to Literature & Composition, Easter 2015
ENGL 359: Renaissance Drama, Easter 2015
ENGL 203: Roots of Western Literature, Easter 2015
PHED 106 & 306: Beginning & Advanced Fencing, Advent 2014
LITC 401: Literary Theory & Criticism, Advent 2014
HUMN 203: Manifestos, Movements, & Terrorism [NEW COURSE], Advent 2014
PHED 106 & 306: Beginning & Advanced Fencing, Easter 2014
ENGL 203: Roots of Western Literature, Easter 2014
ENGL 101-L: Literature & Composition, Easter 2014
PHED 106 & 306: Beginning & advanced Fencing, Advent 2013
LITC 401: Literary Criticism, Advent 2013
ENGL 352: Chaucer, Advent 2103
HUMN 201: Early Modern World, Advent 2013
PHED 106 & 306: Beginning & Advanced Fencing, Easter 2013
ENGL 203: Roots of Western Lit [NEW COURSE], Easter 2013
ENGL 351: Medieval English Literature, Easter 2013
ENGL 352: Chaucer, Easter 2013
HED 106 & 306: Beginning & Advanced Fencing, Advent 2012
ENGL 352: Chaucer, Advent 2012
ENGL 353: Renaissance Drama, Advent Term 2012
HUMN 201: Early Modern Atlantic World, Advent 2012

PHED 106 & 306: Beginning & Advanced Fencing, Easter 2012

ENGL 358: Shakespeare II, Easter 2012
ENGL 101: Literature and Composition, Easter 2012
HUMN  102: The Medieval World, Easter 2012

PHED 106 & 306 - Beginning & Advanced Fencing, Advent 2011

ENGL 352 - Chaucer, Advent 2011
ENGL 359 - Renaissance Poetry, Advent 2011
HUMN  201 - Early Modern Atlantic World, Advent 2011
ENGL 101 - Literature and Composition, Easter 2011
ENGL 211 - Studies in Fiction (19th century American), Easter 2011
ENGL 352 - Chaucer, Easter 2011
ENGL 101 - Literature and Composition, Advent 2010
ENGL 211 - Studies in Fiction (19th century American), Advent 2010
ENGL 353 - Renaissance Drama, Advent 2010
HUMN  102 - The Medieval World, Easter 2009
ENGL 352 - Chaucer, Easter 2009
ENGL 353 - Renaissance Drama, Easter 2009
ENGL 359 - Renaissance Literature I, Advent 2008 (after Fall Break)
ENGL 362 - Milton, Advent 2008
ENGL 101 - (two sections)  Literature and Composition, Advent 2008
ENGL 352 - Chaucer, Easter 2008
HUMN  102 - The Medieval World, Easter 2008
ENGL 381 - Modern British Poetry, Easter 2008
ENGL 101 - (two sections) Literature and Composition, Advent 2007
ENGL 362 - Milton, Advent 2007
ENGL 101 - Literature and Composition, Easter 2007
ENGL 352 - Chaucer, Easter 2007
HUMN 102 - The Medieval World, Easter 2007
ENGL 101 - (two sections) Literature and Composition, Advent 2006
ENGL 362 - Milton, Advent 2006
ENGL 101 - Literature and Composition, Easter 2006
ENGL 353 - Renaissance Drama, Easter 2006
HUMN  102 - The Medieval World, Easter 2006
ENGL 101 - (two sections) Literature and Composition, Advent 2005
ENGL 362 - Milton, Advent 2005
ENGL 101 - Literature and Composition, Easter 2005
ENGL 358 - Shakespeare, II, Easter 2005
HUMN  102 - The Medieval World, Easter 2005
ENGL 101 - (two sections) Literature and Composition, Advent 2004
ENGL 253 - Renaissance Drama, Advent 2004
ENGL 101 - (three sections) literature and Composition, Easter 2004

COURSES TAUGHT at Vanderbilt:
English 257 Seventeenth Century Prose [NEW COURSE], Spring 1996
English 115-W The Examined Life (Freshman Seminar), Spring 1996
English 150 Representative English Writers, Fall 1995
English 115-W Realizing Destiny (Freshman Seminar), Fall 1995
English 250 Renaissance Drama [NEW COURSE], Spring 1995
English 112-W Introduction to Poetry, Spring 1995
English 150 Representative English Writers, Fall 1994
English 115-W Life as Journey (Freshman Seminar), Fall 1994
English 248 Sixteenth Century, Spring 1994
English 105-W Drama [T.A. MENTOR SECTION], Spring 1994
English 112-W Introduction to Poetry, Fall 1993
English 150 Representative English Writers, Fall 1993
English 310 Constructing Shakespeare (Graduate Seminar), Spring 1993
English 248 Sixteenth Century, Spring 1993
English 355 Renaissance Topoi of Utopia (Graduate Seminar), Fall 1992
English 115-W Dragon Slaying (Freshman Seminar), Fall 1992
English/Latin [Proficiency Exam, Advanced Degree Candidates], Fall 1992
English 248 Sixteenth Century [HONORS SECTION] ,Spring 1992
English 112-W Introduction to Poetry, Spring 1992
English 355 Discourses of Knowledge (Graduate Seminar), Spring 1991
English 248 Sixteenth Century, Spring 1991
English 112-W Introduction to Poetry, Spring 1991
English 150 Representative English Writers, Fall 1990
English 115-W The Examined Life (Freshman Seminar), Fall 1990
English 248 Sixteenth Century, Spring 1990
English 105-W Drama: Forms and Techniques, Spring 1990
English 150 Representative English Writers, Fall 1989
Humanities 140-W Great Books: Homer to Cervantes, Fall 1989
English 248 Sixteenth Century, Spring 1989
English 112-W Introduction to Poetry [TWO SECTIONS], Spring 1989
English 150 Representative English Writers, Fall 1988
Humanities 150-W Survey of Western Tradition, Fall 1988

INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSES (Sewanee from 2005; Vanderbilt, 1989-96):

The World of Jane Austin, 1810-1814 (Emma Burdett), Easter, 2020
Seventeenth Century Mercantile Narratives and Economic History (John Crumly), Advent 2019
Byzantine Iconoclasm--MEDIEVAL STUDIES CAPTSTONE PROJECT (Ian Storey), Easter 2019
Mary Shelley's The Last Man--HONORS THESIS (Kaitlyn Alford), Easter 2019
Making Amends in Shakespeare's Comedies--HONORS THESIS (Virginia Rayder), Easter 2019
J.R.R. Tolkien as Medieval Scholar--HONORS THESIS (Lillian Hammen), Easter 2019
Literature of transatlantic commerce (Hunter Creech), Advent 2018
Teacher as Trickster, Trickster as Teacher (Sam Scott), Easter 2016
Classical & Renaissance Literary Theory (Curran Greenberg), Advent 2015
Media Studies in the Contemporary Age (Andrew Steuer), Advent 2015
Poe & 19th cen. Printing Practices (Dylan Greer), Easter Term 2015
Neoplatonism in Dante's Paradiso (Caroline Gwaltney), Advent 2014

The Book Review (Marshall Brewer), Advent 2014
Comparative Literary Aesthetics (Toby Hickson), Advent 2014

Epistemology of Dreams in Troilus--HONORS THESIS (Clara Wild), Easter 2014
Genealogy and History of Illustrated Novels (Toby Hickson), Easter 2014
Dark Romanticism (Peyton Looper), Advent 2013
Digital Humanities, National Geographic (Georgia Howard), Advent 2013
Liminality in Troilus & Creseyde--HONORS THESIS (Caroline Rogers), Easter 2013
Cultural Linguistics (Espree-Conaway), Easter 2013 [AWARDED WATSON FELLOWSHIP, '13]
Norse & Icelandic Sagas (Ellen Doster), Easter 2013
Satire & Comparative Literature (Toby Hickson), Easter 2013
Arthurian Characterology--CAPSTONE Medieval Studies (Jordan Sharpe), Easter 2013
Origins and Development of Gothic Literature (Milby), Advent 2012
Historical Linguistics and Germanic Philology (Abell, Hardin, Manseau), Easter 2012
Ethics/Levinas (Rutz), Easter 2012 [AWARDED WATSON TRAVELING FELLOWSHIP, '12]
Herrick and Literary Mirage--HONORS THESIS (Pleszczynski), Easter 2012
History, Drama, Epistemology (Aaron Rutz), Advent 2011
Fantasy & Medieval Literature (Jordan Sharpe), Advent 2011
Applied Dramaturgy: Euripides's Hecuba (Aaron Rutz), Easter 2011
Survey of Historical Linguistics (DeAndre Espree-Conaway), Easter 2011
Survey of Theatrical Forms (Aaron Rutz), Advent 2010
Paradise Lost and the Poetics of Interiority--HONORS THESIS (Kelly Morrison), Easter 2010
Mathematics in Arcadia--HONORS THESIS (Philly Williams), Easter 2009
Literary criticism: theory, sources, and samples (Haley Robison), Easter 2009
Byron's Childe Harold & Don Juan (Wilhelm and Stockdale), Easter 2009
Milton's Paradise Lost in context (Hanlan, Jasper, Jortner, Murray), Easter 2009
The Culture of the Illustrated Novel (Shaleem Cholera), Easter 2009
Epic similes in Dante and Milton (Leslie Matthews), Easter 2009
Heidegger's Lectures on Nietzsche (Martha Ivey), Easter 2008
The Fortunes of Dido--HONORS THESIS (Cameron Hodge), Easter 2008
Nietzsche's Aphoristic Style (Martha Ivey), Advent 2007
The Book Review (Cassie Gaul), Easter 2007
Dickens in Transition: 1831-34 (Emily Estes), Easter 2007
Faulkner and Greek Tragedy (Sanford Zeigler), Easter 2007
SpenserRoland, Nibelungenlied, Gesar (Murray, Crockett, Posson), Easter 2006
Introduction to Phonology and Philology (Joseph Brew), Advent 2005
Epic Traditions: Homer, Virgil, Beowulf (Murray, Battle, Crockett), Easter 2005

                                           * * * * *
After the Postmodern: Tracking Lyotard (Reynolds) Spring 1996
Reading Nietzsche's Zarathustra (Oles) Spring 1996
Readings in Aristotle, Galen, and Thomas Aquinas (Corso) Spring 1996
Politics of Kingship in Shakespeare (Randall) Fall 1995
Studies in the Northern European Novel, 1900-40 (DeSimone) Fall 1995
Latin antecedents to Renaissance English literature (Corso) Fall 1995
Women in Shakespeare (Rich) Fall 1995
Studies in the Postmodern Novel (Welborn) Fall 1995
Goethe and the Culture of Enlightenment (Neary) Summer 1995
Masques and Elizabeth of Bohemia [graduate] (Armstrong) Spring 1995
"Music/Literature/Society" Senior Project (O'Keffe) Spring 1995
Tracking Literary Descents into the Underworld (Spengler) Spring 1995
Contemporary Nature Writing (Coviello) Spring 1995
The Illustrated Novel and Contemporary Theory (Lightman) Spring 1995
The Bible as Literature (Martin, C.) Spring 1995
Oscar Wilde's Uses of Renaissance Allegory (Friedland) Spring 1995
Reading Montaigne's Essays (Phillips) Spring 1995
Reading Melville's Moby-Dick (Mayes) Spring 1995
Reading Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy (Lokey) Spring 1995
Situating Ginsberg's America Through Poetry (Morris) Spring 1995
Ginsberg's Longer Poems (Morris) Fall 1994
Renaissance Ballads and Broadsides [graduate] (Nystrom) Fall 1994
James Dickey's Collected Poems (Wilson, M.) Fall 1994
Representative English Writers [credit by exam] (Patterson) Fall 1994
Melville's Later Novels (Chung) Spring 1994
E. A. Poe's Poetry and Literary Criticism (Piccirilli) Spring 1994
Representative English Writers [credit by exam] (Moore, R.) Spring 1994
Character Sketches in the Renaissance (Purifoy) Spring 1994
Writing/Culture/Difference [senior project] (Eure) Spring 1994
Economics of Salvation, Part II: Melville to Mann (Grogan) Spring 1994
Economics of Salvation, Part I: Marlowe to Goethe (Grogan) Fall 1993
Non-Shakespearean Drama [graduate] (Stewart) Fall 1993
Metaphysical Poetry and Prose (Spann) Fall 1992
City Comedies and Revenge Plays (Wikswo) Fall 1992
Evolution of the Essay: Montaigne to Emerson (Parker) Spring 1992
Genealogy of Skepticism [graduate] (Moore) Spring 1992
Shakespeare's late-plays (Hagewood) Spring 1992
The "Modernisms" of Djuna Barnes and T.S. Eliot (Billingsley) Spring 1991
Milton and Renaissance Ideas of Cosmic Order (Crow) Fall 1990
Montaigne: the place of women (McGregor) Fall 1990
Spenser's Minor Poetry [graduate] (Brand) Spring 1990
Family & Identity in Jacobean Tragedy (Fleming) Spring 1990
Literature & Philosophy: Toward Postmodernism (Mullins) Spring 1990
Renaissance Popular Literature: Commonplaces (Holmes) Spring 1990
Renaissance Popular Literature: The Jest Book (Holmes) Fall 1989
Literature and Philosophy in the Early Modern Era (Mullins) Fall 1989
Bacon and Montaigne (Partridge) Spring 1989
Representative English Writers [credit by exam] (Fernandez) Spring 1989

Andrea Becksvoort, "Necrophiliac Hermeneutics: Culture/Fashion/Death," 1994-96

Gabriel Wicks, "'Death by Cotton': Telling Southern Family History," 1995-96
Mary Curry, "Representations of Venus in the Renaissance," 1993-94
Maurie Nicely, "Pamphlets and Promotional Tracts on the Virginia Colony," 1992-93
Chris Coleman, "Blake and Nietzsche: Prophecy and Alienation," 1992-93

Andrea Becksvoort, "Comparative Cultural Studies," Spring 1996
Matthew O'Keefe, "Music/Literature/Society," Fall 1995
Jack Douglas Eure, "Issues in Contemporary Studies," Spring 1994

Sara D. McCamish, "Speaking of Death: Law, Medicine, and the Dying Body," Aug 1994

Adriane Stewart, "Ontological Instability in Renaissance Drama," July 1996
Roger E. Moore, "Gnostic Yearnings and Annihilation in Marlowe's Plays," May 1995

Ph.D. THESIS COMMITTEES [Vanderbilt English Department, unless specified]:
Elaine Anderson Phillips, "Prefatory Fictions: Novel Prefaces," July 1996
Phil Phillips, "Invoking the Muse in Milton," July 1996
Brett Armstrong, "Reactions to King James's Book of Sports" [History], March 1996
Risa Nystrom, "Ballads in Shakespeare's Day," March 1996
Bob Richardson, "Architecture and the Crises of Mimesis" [Philosophy], Nov 1995
Jay Helt, "Purgatory, Policy, and Piety in 16th century Essex" [History], March 1995
Clinton Brand, "Marvell's Poetics," May 1995
Derah Meyers, "Mannerism and Shakespeare," April 1994
David Beliles, "Donne and Recent Criticism," Dec 1993
Liz Hart, "Metaphor and Shakespeare's English," Aug 1993
James Schiavoni, "Spenser and Augustine," Aug 1992
Stephen Knadler, "American Renaissance," Aug 1991
Elizabeth Oakes, "The Widow in Renaissance Drama," Aug 1990
Christopher Frongillo, "Power in Marlowe," Aug 1990
Kay Ackerman, "A Life of William Lilly" [History], March 1990
Lee Moore, "Transgression in Burroughs and Bataille," Dec 1989
Joyce McDonald, "Political Family in Shakespeare," Aug 1989
Sally Rodes Lee, "Canto Openings in Faerie Queene," April 1989

Dramaturge for Hamlet, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Dec 2009-Jan 2010
Patrons' Lecture, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Montgomery, AL 2005-2007, 2009
Activities Coordinator, Camp Horseshoe, Rhinelander, WI, 2004-2011
Fight Choreographer, All's Well that Ends Well (Nashville Shakespeare), 2002
Fight Choreographer, Macbeth, Life is a Dream, Romeo (Montgomery Bell), 1999-2001
NSF Apprentice Company and ESU High School workshops, 2000-2004
Leonard Bernstein Center for Education Through the Arts workshops, 1997-1999
Wilderness and Survival Program, Camp Horseshoe, Minong, WI summers, 1976-82
Student-Teacher, Humanities; Hall High School, West Hartford, CT, Spring 1980

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL INSTRUCTION (West End Synagogue, Nashville):
"The MTV Challenge:" Torah and the Media (eighth grade), 2010- Spring 2011
"Weekly parsha" and "Shtetl Life" (seventh grade, tenth grade), 2010- Spring 2011

Ahrohn Applefeld's The Conversion (tenth grade), Oct 2009
"The Importance of One: a history of social action" (sixth grade), 2007-2009
"Prophets," "Shtetl Life," and "Holocaust" (high school), 2004-09
"Genesis" and "Portraying Jews in Film" (high school), 2003-04
"Modern Israeli Writers" and "Medieval Legends" (high school), 2002-03
"Holocaust Rescuers" (high school), 2001-02
"Literature & Jewish Identity" (high school), 2000-01
"Ethics" and "Holocaust" (high school), 1999-2000
"Holocaust" and "Shtetl" (middle school), Spring 1999
"Modern Hebrew Literature" (high school), Feb 1998
"Diaspora in Context" (adult), April 1997
"Jews in Literature" (adult), Feb 1996

Classical Poetic Theory (Plato, Aristotle, Hesiod, Horace, Cicero, Quintilian, Longinus, Augustine)
Bible, Apocrypha, and Saints' Lives (including main Medieval and Early Modern commentaries)
Western Epic (Homer, Virgil, Lucan, Statius, Beowulf, Dante, Roland, Ariosto, Spenser, Milton)
Classical History & Historiography (Xenophon, Plutarch, Pliny, Livy, Herodotus, Suetonius, Tacitus)
Medieval Philosophy (Boethius, Augustine, Anselm, Averroes, Avicenna, Maimonides, Aquinas)
Medieval Romance (Tristan, Parzifal, Volsunga saga, Niebelunglied, prose Edda, lays and lyrics)
Medieval English (drama cycles, Gower, Langland, Lydgate, Pearl, Gawain, Wynnere and Wastoure)
Chaucer (Troilus, Canterbury Tales, Good Women, Fame, Duchess, Fowles, Fame, Boece)
Humanist Educational Theory (Cicero, Seneca, Plutarch, Capella, Erasmus, Mulcaster, Ascham

Reformation (Erasmus, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Bellarmine, Tyndall, John Day, Foxe, Perkins) 
Tudor-Stuart Translations (Harington, Golding, Sandys, Florio, North, Holland, Lodge)
Tudor-Stuart Women Writers (Parr, Whitney, Mary Herbert, Wroth, Cavendish, Philips, Behn)
Sixteenth Century Poetry (Skelton, Barclay, Wyatt, Surrey, Sackville, Sidney, Spenser)

Renaissance Poetic Theory  (Dante, Boccaccio, Scaliger, Sidney, Peacham, Puttenham, Dryden)
Renaissance Prose (especially allegorical novels, natural history, moral essays, pastoral)
Renaissance Drama (Marlowe, Shakespeare, Jonson; pageants and masques)
City Comedies (Heywood, Dekker, Munday, Rowley, Beaumont and Fletcher)
Revenge Tragedies (Kyd, Marston, Chapman, Middleton, Tourneur, Webster, Ford)
Seventeenth Century Poetry (Donne, Herbert, Vaughan, Crashaw, Herrick, Lovelace)
Baroque and Encyclopedic Prose (Camden, Ralegh, Bacon, Burton, Browne, Walton)
European Literary Tradition (Petrarch, Rabelais, Montaigne, Cervantes, Goethe, Gogol)
The Enlightenment (Rousseau, Voltaire, Leibniz, Kant, Schiller, Locke, Hume, Smith)

Romantic Poetry (Thomson, Blake, Burns, Scott, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Keats)
American Literature (Irving, Poe, Melville, Hawthorne, Longfellow, Twain, Roth, Pynchon)
Modern World Literature (Joyce, Borges, Calvino, Pavic, Kundera, Yourcenar)
Continental Philosophy (Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida, Levinas, Lyotard)
Literature of the Abyss (Sade, Rimbaud, Lautreamont, Bataille, Blanchot, Burroughs, Gaiman)
Envisioning Materialist Historiography (Hegel, Schopenhauer, Marx, Engels, Spengler, Warburg)
Ages of Revolution (Burke, Paine, Proudhon, Bakunin, Lenin, Trotsky; polemics of emancipation)
Modern British Poetry (Hardy, Hopkins, Yeats, Housman, Lawrence, Auden, Larkin)
Modern Drama (Chekhov, Shaw, Wilde, Brecht, Beckett, Stoppard, Pinter, Kushner)
Modern European Cinema (Vertov, Bunuel, Goddard, Herzog, Svebo, Tarr, Svankmajer)

Structuralism (de Saussure, Mauss, Levi-Strauss, Lacan, Jakobson, Barthes, Althusser, Foucault)
Holocaust Studies (Hitler, Wiesel, Levi, Frankl, Lyotard, Weistrich, Gilman, Hilberg, Elon)
Modern Hebrew Poetry (Tchernikhovsky, Shlonsky, Bialik, Amichai, Pagis, Ravikovith)
Modern Hebrew Prose (Amos Oz, Abraham B. Yehoshua, and Aharon Appelfeld)
Opera (Monteverdi, Mozart, Bellini, Rossini, Verdi, Wagner, Strauss, Floyd, Glass, Adams)
Histories of Natural Science (Alchemy, Astronomy, Cartography, Math, Physics)
Literature and the Arts (mnemonics, applied emblematics, song-cycles, jazz, gospel, r&b)
Pedagogical Theory and Practice (Vygotsky, Dewey, Freire, Giroux, Kozol, Mager, Kohn)

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS (alphabetically listed):
American Association of University Professors; Early English Text Society;
Medieval Academy of America; Milton Society; Modern Language Association;

National Coalition of Independent Scholars; Renaissance English Text Society;
Renaissance Society of America; 
Poe Studies Association; Shakespeare Assoc of America;
Sixteenth Century Studies Society; Society of American Fight Directors; 
South Atlantic Modern Language Association; 
Spenser Society;
World Association of Case Method Research & Application; United States Fencing Association

Expert proficiency in Middle English (including East Midlands, Northwest Midlands, and Kentish);
Graduate level proficiency demonstrated in Latin, French, and Italian (and their Renaissance forms);
Working knowledge of Anglo-Saxon and, at one time and to some extent, Old Norse;
Functional familiarity with Lowland Scots and Anglo-Norman (Romance of Horn, Marie de France);
Basic German (refresher audible course 2019-20); some rudimentary Dutch;
Formal coursework in Hebrew (ancient and modern) and Russian (pre-Reform orthography)

​SafeSport Certification (USFA/TeamUSA) for certified athletic coaches, 2017-present
Universal Blood Donor, 10-gallon pin, 1984-1999
Basic First-Aid (refresher course required)
CPR for adults and children (refresher course required)
Sports Safety Instructor and ASEP certified coach, 1999
USFA Level One Foil coach, 1999
ranked nationally in foil, epee, and sabre, 1996-2001
EMI Climbing Wall certification, 2004
canoe trip leader class II-III rapids, Flambeau River, Wisconsin, 2004-11
on-site adventure-trip leader, Mackinac Island and Madeline Island, 2004-11