Memory Arts in Renaissance England

Cambridge University Press, July 2016

The Memory Arts in Renaissance England

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   Edited by:
--William E. Engel
, Sewanee: The University of the South
Rory Loughnane, Indiana University“Purdue Univ, Indianapolis
Grant Williams, Carleton University, Ottawa

Advanced Endoresements and Reviews:
"Introductory students and advanced scholars alike will be grateful for this judicious yet capacious anthology”a veritable ˜treasure-house of the mind.'
--Scott Newstok, Director of the Pearce Shakespeare Endowment, Rhodes College

"This admirable anthology of vernacular sources is far more than a compilation of technical treatises on the ˜art of memory', but is rather a bold, interdisciplinary attempt to suggest the complexity of what the authors call ˜English mnemonic culture'. Stretching from early sixteenth-century humanism to the Royal Society, this collection traces the ˜mnemonic episteme' through works of literature, poetics, rhetoric, philosophy, medicine, history, religion, and the visual arts. From emblems to architecture, poetry to universal language projects, The Memory Arts in Renaissance England shows that the culture of Early Modern England was profoundly shaped by memory and mnemonic practices."
--Stephen Clucas, Reader in Early Modern Intellectual History, Birkbeck, Univ of London

"The Memory Arts in Renaissance England represents a great leap forward for early modern memory studies, and is an invaluable resource for scholars and students of memory and mnemonics across fields and periods.  What Engel, Loughnane, and Williams convey in their superb introduction and throughout this comprehensive collection is the range and possibility of the memory arts, which includes rhetoric and poetics, education and science, history and philosophy, religion and devotion, and all genres of literature.  This important and timely anthology provides the most complete picture of the Renaissance memory arts to date, and thus makes a significant contribution to the evolving and interdisciplinary field of memory studies."  --Rebeca Helfer, Associate Professor,  University of California, Irvine

Jacket abstract:
This is the first critical anthology of writings about memory in Renaissance England. Drawing together excerpts from more than seventy writers, poets, physicians, philosophers and preachers, and with over twenty illustrations, the anthology offers the reader a guided exploration of the arts of memory. The introduction outlines the context for the tradition of the memory arts from classical times to the Renaissance and is followed by extracts from writers on the art of memory in general, then by thematically arranged sections on rhetoric and poetry, education and science, history and philosophy, religion, and literature, featuring texts from canonical, non-canonical and little-known sources. Each excerpt is supported with notes about the author and about the text's relationship to the memory arts, and includes suggestions for further reading. The book will appeal to students of the memory arts, Renaissance literature, the history of ideas, book history and art history.